I know you want to write a book. But…

Do you spend hours staring at a blank page, willing the words to come?

Do you dread every time someone asks how your book is coming?

Do you have pages of notes, a file of documents, even cover ideas but can’t seem to get to The End?

You’ve got all these ideas for your novel – characters bursting with life, eager to fill up the page, world building details you daydream about, a scene that’s just itching to be written – but you’re not sure where to start.

And once it’s on the page, what do you do with it then?

If any of these situations sound familiar, I can help!

If your heart’s desire is to write a great book, but you’re stumbling along the yellow brick road, you’ve come to the right (write?) place. As an Author Accelerator certified book coach, and an author myself, I am trained to support writers from their initial idea to submitting to agents. I can help if you are:

• Struggling with moving forward on your current project.

• Having trouble finishing your first draft.

• Doubting you can do this or if your idea is good enough for a novel.

• Wondering how to start revisions.

• Challenged by finding time to write or meet deadlines.

This is where I come in.

It won’t be as easy as clicking your heels together three times, but when we work together I will strengthen your skills, encourage your passion, and cheer on your progress. Think of me as your own personal Glinda, here for your head, heart, and courage, so you recognize you have the power to write and finish this book! As Jennie Nash, founder of Author Accelerator says:

“It’s difficult to learn how to write by listening to others talk about how to do it or by getting sporadic feedback from peers. Having a trained professional review your work as you go, hold you accountable, and offer you emotional support for the journey gives writers the best chance of writing something that impacts the reader. It is not straightforward, and it is not scalable and it is, therefore, not cheap – but it’s the best way to get the help you need.”

You have a story, and you’re the only one who can tell it.

Let’s head out – together – on your yellow brick road.

Click the button (one time, not three) to schedule your free 30-minute discovery call.