I’ve been where you are, wrestling with my writing, trying to find time in an already busy life,

wondering if it’s worth it, and knowing this is a dream I can’t let go of.

My vision as a book coach is to support, focus, and inspire writers to reach their writing goals by helping them improve their craft, create a sustainable routine, and write stories that reach the readers who are going to love every word. I come in when you’re struggling, stuck, or thinking of quitting. My hope is that working with me will allow you to believe in yourself and your project. (Psst… you’ve had the power all along!)

A book coach is a combination of editor, mentor, cheerleader and project manager. I’m here to provide you with feedback, suggestions and guidance along with support and accountability. When we work together, I give you an outsider’s perspective on what is working and what isn’t with your manuscript and keep you moving forward with deadlines and encouragement.

As your coach I’ll play many roles for you – editor, sounding board, cheerleader, guide, project manager, truth-teller, and emotional support person. I understand the struggles that come with writing a book, and I’m here to help. Jennie Nash wrote a great post about Why Writers Hire Book Coaches. She created the Author Accelerator program where I got my training. As Jennie says, a book coach is here to help you:

  • improve your craft,

  • overcome your doubts,

  • finish the book you start,

  • connect with your idea reader.

Another great article on how working with a book coach can make you a better and more confident writer is from Savannah Gilbo. (I love her blog posts and podcast!)

I want to see you reach your writing goals. I’ll be with you as you get past your fears, improve your writing habits, and strengthen your writing skills so that you can finish your novel – and write your next one!

I may be the coach for you if…

  • You are writing genre fiction novel – especially romance or women’s fiction.

  • You have a goal in mind for your novel in progress.

  • You are ready and committed to doing the work. (This is going to take some time!)

  • You are not seeing the results you want by working on your own (either via craft books or workshops).

  • You are open to honest but compassionate feedback. I promise to tell you what’s working, what’s not and how you can make your book stronger.

I’m probably not the coach for you if…

  • You are writing middle grade or children’s books or if you write horror or hard sci-fi (I can give you some great referrals, though, so let me know!)

  • You don’t think you can stick to deadlines. That’s a big part of the process when you work with me.

  • You aren’t ready to hear feedback on your writing or you’re not open to suggestions to help you strengthen your story and your writing skills.

  • You want copyediting or line editing. I’m a strong developmental editor and will probably give line edits during a manuscript evaluation, but it’s not my focus.

  • You want to work with someone who’s already a best-selling author. Sorry – I’m not there (yet), but I also don’t think that’s important. Olympic medalists don’t have coaches with Olympic medals. It’s two different skills. (You can see my FAQ’s for more info).

Let’s see if I can help you move forward on this dream! You can find out more about me here or schedule a Discovery Call and we can talk more about what you need and how I can support you!

And if BEING a book coach sound interesting to you, contact me about that or click here to find out more and become a certified book coach yourself.