The Blueprint for a Book is Author Accelerator’s signature process created by the company’s founder, Jennie Nash. This package is similar to the one in her book, but with

    • expanded exercises (20 instead of the book’s 14),
    • the ability to take a deeper dive into the pieces that will support you to finish your book draft,
    • one-on-one coaching support as you develop the Blueprint.


At the completion of this package you’ll have found the heart of your book, know why you want to write it, be clear on your genre and your ideal reader, get to know your protagonist and their all-important change arc, and complete an Inside-Outline that will support and guide you through the drafting process. This work typically takes 3-4 months to complete.

This is the package you want if:

  • You have an idea for a book that needs to be developed before you can start writing.
  • You’re in the planning or early drafting stage of your book and need to know more before writing.
  • You’ve started a draft (or several) and now you’re stuck and you don’t know why.


You will submit:

  • A complete project intake questionnaire,
  • A one-page book summary,
  • Six weeks of exercises completing the Blueprint


And receive:

  • In-line comments and an editorial letter for each submission,
  • Six (6) 30-minute follow up Zoom call after each submission to discuss feedback and next exercises
  • Additional recommendations where needed, to clarify backstory, character arcs, narrative drive and more,
  • A strong foundation and clear next steps for drafting your novel so you are more likely to get to The End,
  • Ongoing email support and encouragement


Blueprint for a Book – 6 deadline package – $897

A $200 discount will be applied to any ongoing coaching package purchased after Blueprint for a Book

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