Congratulations on completing a novel!

Do you know how few people who say they are going to do this never actually do? This is a huge accomplishment!

If you’ve finished – or revised several times – and don’t know where to go from here, a Manuscript Evaluation can help. My evaluation will look at your novel as a whole to see where it is working and where it can be strengthened. I will look at the foundational editorial concerns including the point and purpose of the novel, clear cause-and-effect story trajectory, and the emotional journey of the protagonist, as well as looking for some of the most common manuscript mistakes (not starting in the right place, not enough conflict or narrative drive, shifting POVs, no clear resolution, etc). After, you will have a clearer idea of how to move forward on your revisions.

This service can help if:

  • Your draft is complete, and you want to make clear and substantive revisions.
  • You know something isn’t right yet with your novel, but you don’t know what that is.
  • You’re getting passes (or Revise and Resubmit) from agents and editors and think it might be the novel.
  • You’ve self-published a novel, and it’s not selling or getting poorly reviewed.


You will submit:

  • A complete project intake questionnaire,
  • A one-page book summary,
  • A synopsis of your novel,
  • Your full manuscript.


And receive:

  • A thorough read through of your manuscript,
  • An editorial letter, at least 5-7 pages long, highlighting your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses along with recommendations for next steps,
  • Inline comments on the first two chapters/up to 25 pages highlighting how these issues are specifically showing up on the page,
  • One sixty (60) minute follow up Zoom call to discuss feedback and next steps,
  • Additional exercises or recommendations if needed, to clarify backstory, character arcs, narrative drive and more.

Full Manuscript Evaluation: $500 + .02/word

You will receive a $200 discount on any 3+ month package if you choose to continue with coaching after this evaluation.

Find out if a Full Manuscript Evaluation is right for you by scheduling a free 30-minute Discovery Call