~ 90 Minute Story Session ~

There are moments when, as writers, we just get… stuck. We don’t know how to begin, how to continue, or where the problem is.

Sometimes we have friends or other writers to talk to, but if that’s not working a 90 minute story session could be a solution.

Think of it like that moment when the Scarecrow screams for Glinda: HELP!

You can use this time for:

  • developing a character’s GMC and arc of change
  • working through a plot problem
  • brainstorming a middle/mirror moment
  • fixing a scene
  • spicing up a love scene
  • deciding where to start (or end) a novel
  • … or anything else you can think of!


I’ll send you a short form, we’ll schedule a time, and I’m yours! This is a 90 minute Zoom call for brainstorming, advice, or problem-solving for your manuscript. I’ll take lots of notes, which I’ll send to you, and it can be recorded if you wish.

First step – let’s have a quick 15 minute call to see if we’re a good fit – SCHEDULE HERE


Fee: $149 due before the Story Session is scheduled.