In the immortal words of the Scarecrow: Of course, people do go both ways.

So, which way is right for you?

Whether you’re taking your first steps, walking tenuously through a haunted forest, or feels as though you’re asleep in a field of poppies even though your goal is in sight – there’s a coaching package that will give you the support you need.

Through coaching you can:

  • Get clear on what you want to write and why.
  • Develop your unique writing voice
  • Create characters who will resonate with readers.
  • Understand and use narrative drive to create a novel that works structurally and emotionally.
  • Build your confidence and commitment
  • Stay engaged in the process so you get to The End.


All of the packages will:

  • Improve your writing skills and process.
  • Give you useable feedback.
  • Offer you opportunities to brainstorm your novel.
  • Include deadlines and accountability to help you finish
  • Provide support, encouragement, and guidance to keep you writing forward.
Where are you on your yellow brick road?


It’s always best to start at the beginning….

Blueprint for a Book – Story Foundation Development

This is Author Accelerator’s signature process that gives you a powerful foundation for crafting your novel. With exercises and feedback designed to help you understand the focus and form of your book, your first draft will be stronger than some writer’s third drafts! (Details here)

First 50 Pages – Manuscript Assessment (limited availability monthly)

This evaluation is for if you’re not certain about a larger coaching package but want feedback and guidance on the opening of your novel. This is a great package to learn if your novel is on the right track and if book coaching is for you. (Details here)


Writing forward with your head and heart

Full Manuscript Review

If you’ve completed a draft (or three or more), but know your novel needs…something, a manuscript review could point you in the right direction. This package includes detailed feedback, clarity on what’s working and where it needs to be improved and suggested next steps so you can return to your manuscript knowing what it needs. (Details here)

Monthly Novel Coaching

These three- and six-month packages will keep you moving forward either writing or revising your novel with deadlines, in depth feedback, email support, and regular Zoom calls. If you need to continue after the initial time period, that’s available to you, too. (Details here)

A dose of courage

Agent Submission Support

If you’re ready to start submitting to agents and publishers, this package includes a list of at least 25 agents looking for your novel, editing and revisions on your query letter, synopsis and first 10 manuscript pages – along with some hand holding for the challenges of this stage. (Details to come!)