I love knowing I made a difference in a writer’s process. Here are comments from some authors with whom I’ve worked. If you want to talk about working together, you can fill out my contact form here.


Rona makes you feel like your dream of writing a book is actually possible. She inspires you to keep writing, while at the same time gives honest, actionable feedback to propel your work to the next level. – Megan Turchi, women’s fiction writer

Rona’s book coaching turned my troubled MS into a story I was able to submit to a major publisher. I’m so grateful for Rona’s insightful feedback! –  Stacy Hoff, romance author (Stacy recently got a request for a full manuscript on the story we worked on. I’m so excited for her!)

Rona cares about guiding writers throughout the entire writing process. Her “Inside Outline” tool was exactly what I needed to understand my characters better, and align their paths with the “story behind the story”. Rona’s passionate about authenticity and helping the writer find her voice. She doesn’t cut corners. Rona also has a great sense of humor and was delightful to work with. I recommend her highly. – Liz Wilder, author

In the winter of 2020, I began writing a novel, and hired Rona for needed professional assistance in writing an inquiry letter to a publisher.  I expended her assignment and got assistance with the developmental editing as well. Though I’m still working on that story, due to this never-ending pandemic, I feel like I got a lot of great advice and information from Rona. I would highly recommend her services to any beginning writer.  – Mary Dumas, Author and Graphic Novelist

Working with Rona was an amazing learning experience. Her questions and feedback about my writing not only gave me fantastic direction for the particular pieces on which she was working, but left me with a more discerning and critical eye as I continue to write and self-edit. Her feedback is given as a conversation about writing, style, content, and direction rather than red-pencil edits that feel like cold butchery. She is a bright, capable, and insightful coach and teacher. I hope to continue to work with her and learn from her.  – Susan Hawes, romance author

You gave me the key to unlock my “stuckness” with the series, and created the excitement I now have for how the books will weave together. In other words, you’ve cut my elephant into bite-sized chunks and made it palatable for me! What a gift! Thank you! – Lori Tierny, middle-grade fiction author

Thank you for helping me blast through my fears and doubts and helping me believe that my words have a big place in the world! I’ll be forever grateful! Tracy L. Desjardins, The Diet-Free Diva

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